11 & 12 May, 2015 / Venice

CO2 storage

the cornerstone of our low carbon future
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13 May, 2015 / Venice

parallel workshops

Joint CO2GeoNet–EERA CCS
Workshop on assurance of storage capacity
European – North American
Workshop on capture pilots and demos


2015 is a very important year for the future of CCS in Europe and in the World. Important decisions are expected for large-scale storage demos in Europe, in particular in the North Sea region. The first projects supported by the EC Horizon 2020 research funding will also start and results from the previous 7th Framework Programme will become available. The European Commission will also communicate the outcome from the recent evaluation of the CCS Directive and the European CCS enabling policy framework. Globally, a new post-Kyoto agreement on GHG emission reduction (in which CO2 storage will have a role to play) is expected as a major outcome of the UNFCCC COP 21/CMP 11 meeting that will be held in Paris in December 2015.

2015 is also a very special year for CO2GeoNet as it will be the 10th anniversary of the Open Forum, which we would like to celebrate with you.

The CO2GeoNet Open Forum offers a unique opportunity for stakeholders and major players in the CCS arena and wider energy–climate debate to meet and discuss recent developments with Europe's largest group of researchers on CO2 geological storage.

organized by CO2GeoNet in collaboration with

programme, abstracts and key messages

The Open Forum will focus on CCS policy and the latest advancements in CO2 geological storage science and technology. Presentations and discussions will highlight recent progress and consider hurdles, which still need to be overcome for large scale deployment of CCS.

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Please, click below each date to see the daily programme, presentations and interviews

CO2 storage - the cornerstone of our low carbon future

Creating a favourable environment for CCS

Required actions for reshaping CCS policy in Europe and creating a business case for CCS will be presented and discussed. The status of large scale demonstration of CO2 storage worldwide will be presented. You will also hear about the latest results on CO2 storage research in Europe.

11 May 2015

Sharing knowledge from CO2 storage demonstration and pilot projects

The second day is devoted to sharing knowledge from demonstration projects and large storage pilots in North America and Europe. CO2GeoNet will organize this day in close cooperation with the European Commission and the US Department of Energy.

Presentation and discussion themes include best practises on:

• Modelling, monitoring and verifying CO2 storage

• Quantifying and testing injectivity and storage capacity

• Securing containment and managing impacts

12 May 2015

Two parallel workshops on CO2 capture and storage

Joint CO2GeoNet – EERA Research Workshop

What is needed for assuring CO2 storage capacity?

Of prime importance to any investment decision is the assurance of sufficient storage capacity, both for decision making on individual storage projects and for strategic development of storage portfolios. Large investments in capture installations and transport and storage infrastructure can only be warranted if CO2 can be injected at sustainable rates and stored in sufficient quantities.

The workshop, jointly organized by CO2GeoNet and the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) CCS Joint Programme, will discuss the available methods and tools for the determination of injectivity and storage capacity, their advantages and limitations. Examples of injection testing at pilots and demos will be presented and indicators for sustainable injection rates and dynamic storage capacity will be discussed.

13 May 2015
European – North American Workshop supported by EERA

Sharing knowledge on demonstration of CO2 capture technologies

In cooperation with the European Commission and the US Department of Energy, CO2GeoNet will facilitate the sharing of knowledge on demonstrating CCS technology in North America and Europe. Building on the outcomes of the Open Forum, aspects of storage will be further debated. There will be ample opportunities to discuss lessons learned on capture and transport technologies, which are not the focus of the CO2GeoNet Open Forum.

13 May 2015


Claude Mandil
Former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA)

"Why is CCS cost-effective for mitigating climate change?"

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